Understanding Trust Lines on Xahau

All about Trust Lines on Xahau

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  • The Xahau network has the ability to issue assets. (Generally called "tokens".)

  • Assets can represent many things including cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum), fiat currencies (such as USD dollars or Euros), other tokens of value (such as NFTs), along with many other types of financial instruments.

  • Any account on Xahau can issue an asset.

  • An asset has two basic characteristics:

    1) a Token Currency code 2) an token issuing r-address

Putting it together

Let's consider the following situation:

A crypto exchange issues a token representing an ounce of gold.

The token has a Token Currency code of GLD and they issue the GLD token from their unique Xahau r-address.

Now let's say you would like to buy and own a GLD token in your Xahau account.

How would you proceed?

The first thing

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