Vanity Address xApp

What is a Vanity address and how do I get one?


A Vanity address is a customized XRP Ledger account address. The idea behind a Vanity account is to give people the option to personalize their XRP Ledger r-addresses. It is a nice way to make a statement and to own a customized address that will be immortalized on the the XRP Ledger.

The Vanity Address xApp lets you choose from over 400 billion pre-mined r-addresses which start with your name / handle /brand. so you can find the right one for you. Instead of a random account address (starting with a lower case "r") you will have an account address that starts with a lower case r and then a short value that you can choose.

For example, can you guess what our favorite movie is?

... or our favorite band?

This xApp is perfect for helping you customize your public imagine by picking a unique, individual r-address on the XRP Ledger.


The normal cost of a vanity account is € 50 per account.

If you subscribe to Xumm Pro (Beta), you receive a 20% discount on all Vanity purchases which brings the price down to € 40 per vanity account.

How it works

You may have noticed in the Overview section, we mentioned we have over 400 billion pre-mined accounts. The 'pre-mined' part means that we have tested and stored the private keys for all of those accounts. If you would like to purchase one of them, we can't just give you the private keys for it. If we did, how could you trust us to get rid of them after we gave them to you? (Well, we are trust worthy, but still, you can't trust anyone when it comes to your private keys.)

The solution to this conundrum lies in the XRP Ledger itself. One of the great features of the XRPL is the ability to 're-key' an account. An XRP Ledger account can authorize a secondary key pair, called a regular key pair. After doing so, you can use either the master key pair or the regular key to authorize transactions.

When you purchase a Vanity account, we configure a regular key pair pointing to another you already own. We then disable the master key for the Vanity account, meaning we will never be able to sign with it. Only you will be able to, with the key pair (your account secret) belonging to the account we re-keyed to.


Before you decide to purchase a Vanity account, you should already have an activated XRP Ledger account that will be used to sign transactions on you account.

How to use the xApp

Just launch the xApp by tapping here:

then enter your search parameters in the search field and tap the Search button

When you find an address that you like, just tap the Buy button beside it.

Note: This is the part where we select the regular key account.

Choose the account that will be used to sign transactions for your new Vanity account then press Next.

Read through each section and make sure you understand them. You have to check each box then press the Sign button.

You will need to sign the transaction to confirm you understand and accept the conditions.

Press the Next button.

Press the Buy Now button to purchase your Vanity account.

Review and sign the transaction to purchase your Vanity address.

Congratulations! You just purchased your first Vanity address. Press Next to continue.

Your new Vanity account needs to be activated with at least 10 XRP. Press the Activate vanity address to continue.

Sign the transaction to activate your new Vanity account.

Your new Vanity account should now be activated. You should be able to sign transactions on your new account with your regular key account, and the master key for your Vanity account should now be disabled. Press Next to continue.

The final screen of the process explains how to add your account into Xumm in read only mode.

Press the Copy address button, then exit the xApp and follow the instructions in this article to import your new Vanity accout into Xumm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I get a new phone? How do I import my Vanity account without the master key?

Since the master key of your vanity account has been disabled, there is only one way to access it... by your regular key account. When the time comes to replace your phone, you simply need to install Xaman on it, import your vanity r-address into Xaman in read only mode, then import your regular key account into Xaman in with full access. Xaman will recognize the regular key account and allow you to sign on you vanity account.

What happens if I lose the master key for my regular key account?

Since the master key for your vanity account has been disabled, the only way you can access it is with your regular key account. If you lose the master key for your regular key account, you will not be able to access your vanity account and all of your funds will remain inaccesssible until the master key is found.

Can I get the master key for my vanity account?

No. After we disable the master key for a vanity account and set the regular key account, we delete the master key from our database. It is no longer valid or useful at that point.

Can I use my vanity account on the Xahau network?

You sure can. We have a create a separate article which explains how to do this:

pageActivating a Vanity Account on Xahau

You have almost half a trillion r-addresses and their private keys, have you ever had any collisions?

Actually, we have never checked, but the chances of us stumbling across an existing key pair is very remote. It has taken us years to generate the existing key pairs we have but even if we could generate 390 trillion key pairs per hour, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, it would take about 99 quadrillion years to go through all 340 undecillion possibilities. The chances of a collision is practically impossible.

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