Via another Xahau account

How to activate a Xahau account from another Xahau account


There are two ways you can activate a Xahau account from another Xahau account:

1) You can send at least 1 XAH to the account using the normal 'Send" flow in Xaman

2) You can send at least 1 XAH via the 'Activate your account' flow in Xaman.

Normal Send Flow

1) Launch Xaman, press the Switch Network button then select the Xahau network.

2) Choose the account from which to send the XAH. Make sure there is enough XAH in the account to send at least 1 XAH from it.

3) Press the Send button.

4) Enter the amount of XAH to send. (Only 1 XAH is needed to activate an account on the Xahau network.) Press Next when done.

Activate your account Flow

In Xaman, an unactivated account on Xahau looks like this:

2) Pressing the Fund with existing account button displays a list of accounts to from which to choose.

Choose an account containing at least 1 XAH of spendable XAH coins.

3) Choose the amount of XAH to activate the unactivated account. Only 1 XAH is required to meet the reserve requirement for the Xahau network, but you can choose to activate the account with up to 100 XAH. Press the Activate button to continue.

4) Review the transaction and Slide to accept.

How to Check if it Worked

You can confirm that your account has now been activated by looking at the Reserved balance. It should be 1 XAH (or the same amount that was sent minus the 1 XAH reserve).

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