Xumm v1.0.0

XUMM V1 will be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store around new year (2020-2021).

🎉 This is the first major XUMM release. The updates in this release contain significant improvements and new features 😎


  • All XUMM and XRPL features are now fully tested. There is always room for improvements, but after two years of development, this is version 1.0.0 🚀

  • The XUMM app is now available in 46 languages, thanks to community translators 😘

  • Added support for (all, even non-XRP) Tangem cards 😎 Keep your accounts safe & sign with a plastic card instead of a secret key

  • Respect the “Disallow Incoming XRP” flag when sending XRP to an account. Some IOU (token) issuers enabled this.

  • Added a quick Copy (r-address to clipboard) button next to the Share button in the “Receive” / “Request” panel

  • New Destination Tag confirmation screen when sending to an account with a Destination Tag. A big font and digit spacing will make it easier to check the entered Destination Tag, to prevent deposit mistakes

  • Added explanations & disclaimers during the app onboarding (first start)

  • When scanning a Sign Request from a QR code, when the Sign Request is Closed (instead of Rejected) it now shows up in your Event - Requests list

Improved / Changed

  • Better account switching (panel), now showing the r-address per account as well

  • When entering the wrong password for an account (to sign), a dialog with explanation is now displayed (instead of an “Invalid authentication” message)

  • When XUMM is started for the first time after changing phones and restoring from a backup (eg. iCloud) without the keychain, XUMM now warns you at first start that for security reasons, you’ll have to import your secret keys again on your new phone.

  • Minor user interface & usability improvements all over the place

  • Updated “Passphrase” to “Password” text (English) when referring to the password used for account encryption

  • Improved pasting (from clipboard) / scanning (QR-Code) Destination Tags: stricter checks for valid Destination Tag formatting

  • Better HEX private key import validation

  • Updated (new) extended Terms of Service

  • Improved warnings / education when importing Read Only accounts (please don’t import Exchange hot wallets / deposit accounts)

  • Addded warnings / explanation when signing an AccountDelete Sign Request


  • Fixed a bug that would crash XUMM when running with the “System currency formatting” disabled, when typing an amount (eg. Send transaction flow)

  • When sharing an account address on larger iOS phones, the share dialog would close immediately after opening

  • Fixed a bug that caused XUMM to crash when XUMM was opened while not in airplaine mode, but without a working internet connection

  • On Android, when navigating back (eg. when sending funds) while the keyboard was visible, the keyboard wouldn’t close.

  • After adding a contact, all existing views are updated to reflect the contact name (instead of after a new start of the XUMM app)

  • When you issued an IOU and someone else removed a Trust Line to your account, it now shows up as Removed instead of Added in the Events list

  • Fixed scrolling issues for Sign Requests: at times the account selection / Sign button wasn’t reachable

  • Fixed an issue where return payments would sometimes excludes prefilling the Destination Tag

  • When sending to accounts where no destination tag was required, a 0 (zero) Destination Tag is no longer used

  • Fixed a discrepancy between the displayed spendable balance on the home screen and on the Send-screens (reserves weren’t subtracted)

For Developers

  • The XUMM SDK / API now returns the signing security level & request origin flow for Sign Requests:

    • payload.origintype

      • QR

      • DEEP_LINK

      • EVENT_LIST


    • payload.signmethod

      • TANGEM



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