Sending tokens from Xaman

How to send tokens from your XRP Ledger account managed by Xaman

Sending tokens from Xaman (formerly) is a very easy process. In fact, sending tokens is one if its primary functions! Here is how it's done...

Step 1

From the main screen in Xaman, press the Send button.

On the following screen, you will see the option to enter the amount you would like to send.

(You can also change the account you would like to send the tokens from and you can change the type of token you would like to send.)

In our case, we are going to send 1 XRP from our account.

Press the Next button to continue.

Step 2

In this screen you can enter the recipient's account that you are sending your tokens to.

Keep in mind, there are two types of accounts on the XRPL.

  • Self custodial accounts - You are solely responsible for managing your private keys.

  • Custodial accounts - A company is responsible for managing the private keys to their account. (Usually a crypto exchange.) You are assigned an account number with the exchange called a destination tag.

Both types of accounts will have an r-address but a custodial account will also require a destination tag. (More about destination tags later.)

Press Next after you have entered/selected the correct destination r-address.

Step 3

Finally we reach the Summary screen. Here you can review your transaction to make sure it is correct.

If you are sending to a self-custodial account, you can simply Slide to send and your transaction will be sent to the XRP Ledger to process.

However, if you are sending to a custodial account, (ie. an exchange account) this where you would enter your destination tag.

Remember, self-custodial accounts, like the ones managed with Xaman do not require destination tags. Only custodial accounts require them.

A little bit more about destination tags

You may have noticed that most crypto exchanges have one receiving r-address for all of their XRP customers? Have you ever wondered how thousands of customers can use just one XRP account?

When you create an account with a crypto exchange, they issue you a customer account on their internal database. They also create a destination tag which points to your new customer account and they provide you with their XRP Ledger account which you can send and receive XRP. You do not own their XRPL account. They have complete control over it. Since thousands of customers are sending funds to and from the same XRPL account, the only way they can tell which funds belong to which customer is by the destination tag included in each transaction.

If you would like to learn a bit more about destination tags, check out this video:

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