How to migrate from Toast Wallet to Xaman

How to migrate from Toast Wallet to Xaman


The information contained in this article is provided on a "best efforts" basis. We do not provide technical support for Toast wallet.

Is this really a good idea?

Any time private keys are entered into any software there are potential risks. Spyware, malware, key-loggers, screen capture software, viruses, and many more attack vectors can come into play when viewing or entering your private keys.

If you are considering moving your account into Xaman, the safest way to protect your funds is to create a new XRPL account using Xaman, then move your assets from your XRPL account managed by Toast wallet, over to your new account managed by Xaman.

There are a number of benefits to doing this:

  • Accounts generated by Xaman use a world-class algorithm to generate a set of eight, six-digit Secret Numbers used to access the account. Our algorithm has been audited and tested hundreds of thousands of times. You can trust that your Secret Numbers will not be duplicated by any other software or service.

  • Xaman only displays the account secret once, when an account is generated. There is no way to access or view it after it is initially displayed. No one, other than you will ever see the account secret after the account is created.

  • After a new account is generated, the account secret is encrypted and immediately stored in Xaman. The algorithm we use to encrypt it is exceptionally secure.

  • If something were to ever go wrong, it is much easier to narrow down the source of the issue if the account was generated in Xaman.


This article assumes the following:

  • You have an existing XRP Ledger account managed by Toast Wallet

  • You know the "passphrase" for your XRP Ledger account

If you have lost your passphrase or do not have the correct one for your account, we will not be able to assist you. You must have the correct passphrase otherwise this process will not work.


1) Launch Toast wallet and sign in using your passcode.

2) Select your XRP Ledger account.

3) Select the 'Show Secret' button.

4) Enter the passphrase for your XRPL account then select 'Reveal Secret' button.

5) Copy the 'Account Secret'.

The account secret is the private key for your XRP Ledger account. It is vital that you do not share it will anyone. If someone was able to learn your account secret, they would have complete access to your XRPL account. It is very important that you store it in a safe and secure place and that no one can access it.

Note: Your account secret is displayed in the form of a 'Family Seed".

ie. shR84mcHR84mcHR84mcHHekH1seEc

You will need to know your Family seed in order to access your XRPL account in Xaman.

The instructions continue in Xaman...

6) On your mobile device, launch Xaman and sign in using your 6 digit passcode or with biometrics.

7) Press the Settings button, then Accounts, then + Add account.

8) Tap the "Import an existing account" button.

9) Choose Full Access then press the Next button.

10) Select 'Family Seed" then press the Next button.

11) Enter the Family Seed for your XRPL account that you wrote down from your Toast wallet, then press the Next button.

12) Press the Confirm button.

13) Choose the desired security level. (Standard or Extra security)

14) Give you XRPL account a suitable name then press the Next button.

15) Congratulations! Your XRP Ledger account should now be imported into Xaman.

For your convenience, steps 6 through 15 have been consolidated into a separate article.

You can find the link below:

...with a Family Seed

Frequently Asked Questions

What ever happened to Toast wallet?

The developer who coded Toast wallet moved on to different projects within the XRP Ledger community. He is currently working on creating Hooks on the Xahau network.

Where can I go if I need support for Toast wallet?

Unfortunately customer support for Toast wallet is no longer available. You might be able to find some answers to commonly asked questions here:

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