Feeling Generous?

Learn about our Charity program.

Here at XRPL Labs, we spend a lot of time talking about the XRP community and our role in actively building and developing the XRP ecosystem.

First and foremost, the XRP community is about relationships and building a trusted and safe place where people can come to share ideas, invest in the future of digital commerce and learn about all the great features of the XRP Ledger.

Our flagship product, Xaman (formerlly Xumm), is a big part of our contribution to the community and we continue to work to make it safer, easier to use and more accessible to everyone. To that end, we provide free technical support and spend a considerable amount of time and effort in the community to educate and assist its members. We often receive email and messages of appreciation for our product and for the outstanding service our support staff provides. Many people ask if there is a place where they can make a small donation for the service that we deliver. These requests encouraged us to sit down and try to figure out a method that would allow our members to express their gratitude and to help us to continue our building efforts. So, after many discussions, we decided it was time to roll out a new initiative. As a team, we all agreed that the generosity of our users should be paid forward to make the world a better place. For those who would like to express their gratitude, we now accept gratuities. Here is how it works: All donations will be deposited into an XRP account and once a year, the funds will be divided equally between the following three charities:

  1. The Terry Fox Foundation To maintain the vision and principles of Terry Fox while raising money for cancer research through the annual Terry Fox Run, Terry Fox School Run, as well as via memoriam donations and planned giving. Learn more at: https://terryfox.org

  2. Make a wish Foundation Make-A-Wish creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Learn more at: https://wish.org

  3. Ocean Conservancy Ocean Conservancy is working with you to protect the ocean from todayโ€™s greatest global challenges. Together, we create science-based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it. Learn more at: https://oceanconservancy.org

There are two ways that you can donate:

  1. By manually sending XRP (or supported tokens) to this account address: rxUMmcHjebM2cEXWrnvwHWn5NU9tZTxb8

Frequently Asked Questions

I know a great charity that would benefit from this initiative. How do I recommend a charity?

We periodically review the charities we support so if you would like to submit one for consideration, please feel free to create a ticket using the Xumm Support xApp and let us know.

Do I have to donate in order to keep using XUMM or to continue to receive free support?

No, this initiative is completely voluntary. You are under no obligation to participate. Xumm customer service will continue to be free of charge.

What type of funds can I donate?

Currently, you can only donate in XRP, Gatehub USD, Gatehub EUR, Bitstamp USD and CasinoCoin CSC. Liquidity is required (on the Decentralized Exchange) as we must be able to liquidate to USD/EUR if a selected charity doesn't accept crypto donations (in which case we will liquidate and donate in fiat).

Do you provide tax receipts?

No. As Xumm is not a charity itself, we do not provide receipts. We are simply accepting donations and forwarding them in bulk to selected charities.

What is the minimum/maximum amount that I must donate?

There is no minimum, even the smallest amount helps. Give whatever amount you like up to $250 USD (fiat equivalent at the time of the donation). Any amount over that will be sent back to you. While we absolutely love this kind of generosity, we feel amounts over $250 are best sent directly to the charity (instead of through XRPL Labs).

What percentage does XRPL Labs / XUMM take of my donation?

Zero. All funds donated will be distributed to one of the charities listed above. Note: if tax applies, XRPL Labs will have to comply with tax laws.

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