Can I view/export my account secret?


On the XRP Ledger, a private key is called an account secret.

An account secret comes in three main forms:

Secret Numbers

If your XRP Ledger account was created using Xumm, you would have received a set of secret numbers. (8 rows, A-H, each with 6 digits)

Family Seed

A 29 character string of numbers and letters starting with the letter "s".

A typical family seed looks something like this:



A set of 12, 16 or 24 words chosen from the BIP 39 list.

Each account on the XRPL will have its own account secret and in order to access that account, you need to know the correct account secret.

Can I see my account secret in Xumm?

Xumm does not display account secrets.

Once your account secret has been imported into Xumm, it is immediately encrypted and there is no way to access, view or export it. In the case of the secret numbers, they were only displayed once so if they are lost or destroyed, there is no way to access the account they belong to.

If your XRPL account was created in an application other than Xumm, (e.g. - website, application, wallet), it is possible that there is a way to view or access the account secrets, but it would depend on if they have some kind of backup or recovery method.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I see my account secret on my Xumm (Tangem) card?

When you first activate a Xumm (Tangem) card, an account secret is generated on the card. There is no opportunity to view the account secret and it is not displayed. It is encrypted on the card and can not be viewed.

Some wallets display their account secrets, why doesn't Xumm?

Once you enter your account secret into Xumm, it is encrypted so you can trust that no one, not you, not us, not anyone can view it. We choose not to display your account secret because there are several scenarios where displaying your account secret could be dangerous (think compromised phone, malware, viruses, malicious apps, spyware, etc.) Our main focus is protecting your assets and one of the ways we do this is by not displaying your account secret under any circumstances.

What if I created my XRPL account outside of Xumm?

Depending on how you created your XRPL account, it is possible that the website or application that you used might have kept a copy of your account secret or has the ability to recover it. You can try to contact them and see if they have a recovery option.

I created my XRPL account during the CasinoCoin swap...

Accounts that were created during the CasinoCoin swap used a slightly different method of generating an account secret. You can read all about this here:

I have lost my account secret, what can I do?

We have an article that explains your options. You can review it here:

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