How to change your Email Address


In the Xaman application itself, we do not gather or store any personal information about you or your XRP Ledger account. (This includes email). If you are interested, you can view our Privacy policy here:

XRPL Labs Privacy Statement

Having said this, there are a couple of places where email can be stored...

Xaman Pro - Early Access

If you have subscribed to Xaman Pro, you have the option to enter an email address if you would like to participate in our beta testing program. You can change your email address by launching Xaman Pro, then choosing Xaman App early access.

Xumm (Tangem) card orders

When you place an order for Xumm (Tangem) cards, you are asked for your email address during the order process. (We use it to send you your "Track-and-Trace" information from our shipping company.) Since we usually ship our orders on the same day, there is a very small window where we could actually change your email information. If you contact us in time, we can change it for your order. 🀞

As above, open a ticket using the Xaman Support xApp and ask to have your email address for your Xumm (Tangem) order updated. (Don't forget to include your new email address in the message.)

Per our Privacy policy, your email address (along with any other information you provide us in your order) gets automatically purged from our systems shortly after your order is sent.

3rd Party xApps

As we continue to expand the XRPL ecosystem, you will notice we more partnerships with 3rd party companies such as Banxa, BTC Direct, Gatehub, etc.

Please note: We have absolutely no control over what information a 3rd party vendor gathers, stores and/or maintains.

These companies have their own privacy and disclosure policies and each one collects and maintains their own records. In order to change your email address with them, you are going to need to contact them directly.

Xaman Developer Portal

If you have signed up for our developer portal, you would have entered your email address.

To get this changed, open a ticket using the Xaman Support xApp and ask to have your email address for your developer portal account updated.

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