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How to send XRP from Kraken to Xaman (deposit)

  1. Sign into your account on the Kraken website.

  2. Select the β€œFunding” menu.

  1. Select the β€œWithdraw” button.

  1. Select the β€œRipple XRP”.

  1. Press the β€œAdd Ripple address” button.

  1. Create a name for your Xaman account in the β€œAddress description” field. (We called ours "Xaman Savings Account.)

  2. Enter the r-address of your Xaman account to the β€œWithdrawal address” field.

Note: Your r-address in Xaman can be found on the main screen as indicated in this picture:

Note 2: A Destination Tag/memo is not required when sending to a self-custodial XRP Ledger account, like accounts managed with Xaman.

  1. Press the β€œAdd withdrawal address” button.

  2. Press the β€œOK” button.

  1. Check your Email account. Locate the most recent Email from Kraken and click on, β€œConfirm withdrawal address”

  1. In the β€œWithdrawal amount” field, enter the amount of XRP you would like to send then press the β€œWithdraw xx.xx XRP” button.

Your XRP will arrive in your XRP Ledger account managed with Xaman shortly πŸŽ‰

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