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Due to the insolvency of their liquidity provider. (Prime Trust), Stably is is no longer able to offer their deposit/withdrawal services in the United States, and as such, the Stably xApp will be removed from Xumm.

For more information about this, please refer to the following link:


On September 22, 2022, Stably issued 10 million USD tokens on the XRP Ledger.

Issuing account: rEn9eRkX25wfGPLysUMAvZ84jAzFNpT5fL

The Stably On/Off-ramp service allows users located in the United States, to purchase some of these USD tokens directly from Stably via their xApp in Xumm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy XRP from Stably?

No. Stably does not offer the ability to purchase XRP for fiat. They offer the ability to purchase their issued token directly from them with USD fiat.

Is Stably a crypto exchange?

No, not in a traditional sense. They exclusively sell their own issued tokens.

Do I need to create a Trust Line to the Stably issuing account?

Yes. In order to hold the USD token that they have issued, you need to have a Trust Line configured to their issuing account. If you purchase their token via the Stably xApp in Xumm, a Trust Line to their issuing account will be created automatically during the purchase process.

Can I buy the Stably-USD token for XRP?

Yes, but you can not purchase their token from them for XRP. You will need to place an order for the token on the XRPL DEX. You can do this two ways in Xumm:

1) You can create a market/limit order on the XRPL DEX using a utility such as the DEX Trade xApp

2) You can tap the Stably Trust Line in Xumm, then press the Exchange button to get into the exchange flow.

How do I contact Stably for more information or if I have more questions about their service?

To contact Stably Customer Service, just launch the Stably xApp and press the hamburger menu,

then press Support & FAQ

then press Help.


We understand that you might have additional questions regarding this topic so you are welcome to contact us any time via the Xumm Support xApp in Xumm or you can simply scan this QR code with Xumm and be directed there automatically.

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