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Updating to Xumm v2.5!

New features, updates and more..
The team at XRPL Labs/Xumm is proud to introduce the Xumm 2.5.0 update, a forward-thinking development bringing new features and improvements to the Xumm ecosystem.
With the 2.5.0 update, we made some changes to the app's structure. The 'more xApps' section has been replaced with a separate xApp area. This adjustment should make it easier for users to find and use various xApps.We have also relocated the Xumm Pro Beta to the xApp section for better organization and access. It's now located in the xApp section, making for a more organized layout.These changes were made with the intention of giving xApps — which are an important part of the ecosystem — a more notable presence.The new layout will facilitate further development and use of xApps within our app, as they now have their own allocated space.

Enhancing Transaction Experience

Our primary focus has always been to facilitate smooth and reliable transactions. With 2.5.0, we introduce Payment Channels and receipt signing to Xumm's features. These additions open up new avenues for both developers and users to explore, paving the way for yet-to-be-discovered use cases.Payment Channels, in particular, offer unique opportunities that extend beyond conventional retail scenarios. This makes Xumm not just a tool but a versatile resource for innovation in the digital payments landscape.Furthermore, we updated the error messages for dry path events. Such issues tend to occur when a user's intended liquidity source depletes during a transaction, requiring a new cross-currency quote. The improved transaction outcomes are designed to offer clearer guidance to users dealing with these unfunded transactions.

An Addition for NFT Enthusiasts

To keep pace in the ever-evolving NFT scene, we introduced an NFT Preview for NFTokenBurn transactions, allowing users to view these transactions before execution—an upgrade helps further the user's interaction with NFTs.

For the Developers

Developers hold a special place in our ecosystem as they come up with creative new use cases and solutions, making the XRPL space more interesting.With the Xumm 2.5.0 update, we introduced an array of new features—such as opting out of Destination Tag on the Destination Picker in xApps and displaying NFTs on Testnet—enhancing the developers' interaction and functionality with our app.

In Conclusion

The Xumm 2.5.0 update is a testament to our commitment to user experience and fostering innovation. It's not just about introducing new features—it's about refining the existing ones, understanding the needs of our users, and continually pushing the boundaries to deliver an app that's powerful, intuitive, and reliable.As we stride ahead, we're excited to see how these new upgrades will shape the future and look forward to your continued support and feedback.Stay tuned for updates as we chart the course to a more efficient and user-friendly digital payments landscape.