Activating a Xumm card account on Xahau

How to activate a Xumm card account (and Backup card) on Xahau


If you already have configured two Xumm cards per these instructions:

Getting started with your new cards πŸ€—

this article will walk you through activating your account (and your Backup account) on the Xahau network.

How it works

In order to access an account on the XRP Ledger, you must know the account secret (private keys) for that account. Xaman (formerly Xumm) is an application that helps manage your account secret(s) and allows you to access your XRPL account. This processes will duplicate both your Primary card account and your Backup card account on Xahau and activate your Primary card account with 2 XAH.

Getting started...

The following process has two requirements:

  • Your Primary card account must be activated on the XRPL.

  • Both your Primary card account and your Backup card account must be imported into Xaman.

As long as both of these requirements are met, you can follow these instructions.

1) Launch Xaman and switch to your Primary card account.

2) Tap the following link, then scan the QR with Xaman to get the Xahau Import xApp.

3) Launch the Xahau Import xApp. You must accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy before you can continue. Press the Next button when ready.

4) Make sure your Primary card account address is displayed. If not, press the Change Account button and select your Primary card account from the list. When ready, press the Next button to continue.

5) The xApp should detect that you have a Regular Key set on your Primary account. (Which points to your Backup card account.) Press the Excute SetRegularkey button.

6) Slide to accept.

7) You can sign the transaction with either one of your cards.

8) Press the Next button to continue.

11) Tap the Xahau network.

10) Press the Import Account button.

11) You have to sign this transaction with your Primary card.

Press the Close button...and you're done! Congratulations!

How to check if it worked

If it worked, you should see your activated account on the Xahau network.

As well, when you check your Backup card account, it should look like this:

If it didn't work, you would see a screen like this.


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