Security screen

Security screen

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Background information...

While Xumm handles most of the heavy security behind the scenes, there are a few options left to users to decide for themselves.

Here is how the Security settings work and how to configure them.

How to get to the Security screen

Launch Xumm, press the Settings button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Next, select the Security option.

Security options

Change passcode

This option allows users to change the 6-digit passcode needed to access the Xumm application.

In order to change the passcode, you must know the existing 6 digit passcode.

If you have lost/forgotten the passcode, please refer to this article:

Auto Lock

This option controls the amount of time Xumm waits before requiring the 6 digit passcode/Biometric authentication be entered to unlock the app.

The default setting for Auto lock is 1 minute but the range of settings is from 0 seconds to 1 week.

For example, if you set Auto lock to 0 seconds, every time you exit Xumm, you will need to enter your 6-digit passcode/Biometric authentication before you can get into Xumm again. If you set Auto lock to 1 week, you can exit Xumm and gain access to Xumm for 1 week before you need to enter your 6 digit passcode/Biometric authentication again.

Biometric authentication

This feature allows you to enable and disable Biometric authentication. If disabled, Xumm will only accept the 6-digit passcode to unlock the application.

Erase data

When you enable this option, you are limited to 10 failed attempts to enter your 6 digit passcode. After the 10th failed attempt, Xumm will remove all account information and reset Xumm to a factory fresh installation. All accounts will be removed from Xumm. At this point you will need to re-import each XRPL account back into Xumm using the secret numbers. By default, this option is disabled.

Hide balance by default

By enabling this option, your r-address, XRP balance and your token balances are hidden. This option can be useful if you are in crowded place and do not want others looking over your shoulder and seeing your account balance.

Block taking screenshots (Android only)

This options prevents screenshots from being taken. Should you ever need to take a screenshot in Xumm, just disable this option and you should be able to take screenshots. When you exit Xumm and re-launch, Block taking screenshots is automatically enabled again. This option is enabled by default.

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