Importing your account (XRPL)

About importing your existing XRP Ledger account

You can import an XRP Ledger account in either of these two modes: Full access - Choose this option if you would like to be able to interact with your XRPL account. ie. if you would like to create a Trust Line or send XRP to another account.

Read only access - Choose this option if you would like to simply follow the activity of an XRPL account. This option does not allow you to sign transactions on your account.

Most people choose to import their accounts with Full access so they can interact with the XRP Ledger.

As well, Xumm is compatible with all industry standard account secrets. Choose the appropriate one which applies to your account.

If you have a Xumm (Tangem) card, this article explains how to import it:

If your account was created during the Casino Coin swap...

If you have access to your old CasinoCoin wallet secret in the form of a code that starts with a lower case s, you can import your CasinoCoin wallet secret with this link (scan the QR with Xumm).

If you do not have your CasinoCoin secret mentioned above, the CasinoCoin team has documented a process to access accounts created during the CSC swap. You can find the instructions here:

How to recover a CasinoCoin account

If you run into any trouble with the recovery process, please contact the CasinoCoin support staff here: CasinoCoin Support

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