Xumm v2.2.3 / v2.2.4

Depending on your OS settings, your device may or may not auto-update. Check your App / Play store for the latest version (2.2.0).

XUMM 2.2.3 / 2.2.4 is containing small improvements & important fixes.


  • iOS Android Warning displayed when buying (DEX) a non-vetted token

  • iOS Android All Trust Lines (more than 200) will now be displayed

  • iOS Android The Event List will now auto-update (live) after receiving on ledger transactions

  • iOS Android When a transaction fails (e.g. due to insufficient reserve) a description will now explain what happened, and why.

  • iOS Android Add descriptions in transaction details screen for setRegularKey transactions

  • iOS Android Warn users when setting a weak passcode

  • iOS Android Required passcode authentication for removing or downgrading account security


  • iOS Android Fixed a bug causing XUMM to occasionally (incorrectly) display a Balance insufficient warning (e.g. when using Pathfinding)

  • iOS Android The KYC Flag (blue checkmark) wasnโ€™t being displayed in the Event list if the account didnโ€™t have a name associated with it

  • iOS Fix bug that caused XUMM to crash on startup on iPod Touch devices

  • iOS Screen blurring (security, privacy) now also happens on overlay dialogs (like the account switcher)

  • Android The Exchange panel (DEX swap for tokens, Trust Lines) had a text input position/alignment bug causing entered amounts to be partially visible

  • Android Disable Android Hardware Back button in xApps to prevent accidental xApp closes

  • Android Disable auto suggestion on plain text view password fields like the Family Seed import field (eye icon, when password / family seed is visible)

  • Android Fixed the keyboard staying visible on Android after pasting an amount in the Send flow (amount input)

  • Android Fixed rare, random app startup crash on Android

  • Android Fixed minor UI (alignment, positioning) bugs

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