😎Updating to Xaman v2.8.2!

How to update Xaman to the latest version

Exciting news!

We have just released the latest version Xaman (v2.8.2)!

If you're reading this, you probably want to learn all about the new features it contains. Our blog is the ideal place to start:

This article discusses how to upgrade to the latest version so you can begin exploring all great features it contains.

How to update your device to Xaman v2.8.2

As with all versions of Xaman the app is only available from two sources:

If you don't already have Xaman on your phone, you can simply download and install the app by selecting one of the above links.

For those who already have a version of Xaman installed, you will get the option to upgrade the next time you launch the application.

For Apple users, you should see a screen like this:

For Android users, you should see something like this:

In both cases, simply press the Update button and Xaman will download and update you to the latest version.

Frequently asked questions

I received the update message but I didn't press the Update button, how do I get it back?

Unfortunately there is no way to get the Update screen back. You will need to manually update your version of Xaman by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play. (Just tap the appropriate link above then do a search for Xaman.)

Do I have to update to the latest version?

Updating is completely optional, but it is important to understand that the latest version contains several bugs fixes and improvements. If you were to encounter an issue with your version of Xaman, you will be asked to update to the latest version in order to receive support.

What versions of Android and iOS do I need for Xaman v2.8.2?

⦁ Android v7 and up

⦁ iOS v13 or higher and an iPhone 7 or newer

How do I get help if I run into problems upgrading?

Simply create a support ticket in Xaman using the Xaman Support xApp:

Xaman Support

During the upgrade, it appears to freeze.

If you encounter this screen during to update process:

The upgrade has not frozen. It just means that the database migration is still ongoing.

Please keep the Xaman app open until the migration has completed.

The migration seed will depend on the device's resources and the network bandwidth. Older and/or slower phones on slower networks may take a while to update.

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