How to enable the Master Key

How to enable the Master Key

Before you get started

In order to disable the master key for an XRP Ledger account, you must configure another way to sign on your account. The process to do this is called, 'setting a regular key'. You must set a regular key before you are able to disable the master key on an account.

For example:

In this case, you can see that a separate account (ra433z72...) has been configured to sign for the main account. (rGVTc5FPz....)

Disabling your Master key

1) Go to

5) On the XRP Ledger Services page, select Account Set.

6) Choose Disable Master Key, then press the Send Account Settings to Xumm button.

7) Sign the transaction in Xaman and you're all done!

8) Your Master Key should now be enabled.

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