Xumm v2.5

Welcome to Xumm 2.5.0!

Xumm now includes an xApp Directory, which replaces the "more xApps" section with a separate xApp area, making it easier to discover and access a variety of xApps. The Xumm Pro Beta has been moved to the xApp section for better organization.

NFT enthusiasts will appreciate the NFT Preview for NFTokenBurn transactions before executing them. Additionally, the TrustLine details panel has been updated to allow users to copy the issuer r-address easily.

The Event List now displays the Sign Request type, and xApp category and development status indicators have been added for better information. The xApp loading screen has been improved, offering a smoother experience for users.

Several bug fixes have been implemented, including a fix for partial payment XRP-XRP transactions. When removing an account, the app now asks for the App PIN instead of the passphrase, ensuring users can remove passphrased accounts even if they don't remember the passphrase.

Payment Channels and receipt signing have been added to enhance the app's capabilities, and the Tangem SDK has been updated for improved card interaction stability. Error messages for dry path issues have been improved, providing clearer guidance when sending unfunded transactions.

For developers, new features include allowing the xApp loading screen to switch to the app when ready, the OTT in the User Agent, and the option to opt out of Destination Tag on the Destination Picker for xApps. NFTs on Testnet are now displayed, and Payment Channel Signing has been added for more functionality.

Enjoy the upgraded experience with this new app version, designed to make it even more user-friendly and feature-rich for everyone.

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