Xumm v2.2.8

XUMM 2.2.8 mainly contains a few fixes on top of the previously released 2.2.6 version.

Improved in 2.2.8

  • The currency picker (token list) when sending a token (Send flow) now offers a more spacious view allowing tokens to be filtered & selected.

  • When XUMM couldnโ€™t load the encrypted data store (e.g. because of a timing bug on some older Android smart phones) XUMM will now show an error instead of resetting the XUMM data store.

Fixed in 2.2.8

  • Fixed an error for OfferCreate transactions using Tickets.

  • Fixed a bug causing NFTokenMint transactions to show the same TokenID for the all transactions related to the token.

  • Fixed a bug that caused XUMM to randomly crash on startup on a small number of Android devices.

  • The Exchange feature (tap a Trust Line then tap the Exchange button) shows a confirmation dialog before exchanging. The confirmation dialog inverted the from/to currency.

  • Fixed XUMM rejecting a sign request when using Tickets in combination with an OfferCreate transaction.

For Developers in 2.2.8

  • Assets (CSS, JS, images, etc.) are no longer cached in xApps: they are always fetched live when the xApp starts.

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