Buying XRP

How to buy XRP using Xaman

We offer several easy ways to purchase XRP from the Xaman (formerly Xumm) platform. Take a minute to read through the following options and determine which one best meets your needs.

Option 1

We have partnered with several crypto exchanges including: Topper, Banxa, BTCDirect,, Guardarian and C14 which all offer the option to purchase XRP.

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All About Banxa

All About BTCDirect

All About Guardarian

Our partners offer exchange services to most countries around the world. If you are interested in determining which exchange provides services in your country, simply tap the following link: Buy/Sell XRP

then select your country or currency by pressing the down arrow.

Xaman will list the exchanges that you can purchase XRP from.

Option 2

There are several crypto exchanges in the blockchain space which sell XRP. Some of the bigger players include:

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Please make sure that you thoroughly research the crypto exchange that you decide to purchase from. Each exchange has their own rules and fee structures that you should fully understand before signing up.

Furthermore, just because we have provided a list of exchanges, it does not mean that we support or endorse any of them in any way. It is entirely up to you to decide which crypto exchange you use.

Frequently Asked questions

Didn't Xaman offer an On/Off Ramp solution at one point?

Yes, but unfortunately it has been discontinued.

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