Adding Euro tokens via GateHub

How to add Euro tokens via GateHub

Expanding our partnership with GateHub

For years, GateHub has been a strong member of the XRP Ledger (XRPL) community and has worked with us (and many others) to help expand the ecosystem and make it a great place to do business. Recently we have added a feature to make on-ramping Euros a truly quick and easy process by integrating their platform directly through Xaman (formerly Xumm). This integration makes on-ramping Euros simple and efficient via the GateHub site.

GateHub's issued stable coins

GateHub is a payment gateway platform that allows you to buy, sell, trade and store digital currency. They have also issued over a dozen different tokens on the XRPL, including XAH, USDT, USDC, GALA, Flare, SGB, EUR, USD and GBP. All of their issued currencies will be honored by them as the actual asset they represent. The Euro on-ramp feature involves purchasing EUR tokens using Euros (fiat).

Check out this article for more information:

Getting started - Open an account with GateHub

1) Open an account at GateHub and activate it with 10 XRP.

Part of the process of opening an account includes going through the KYC process. You must successfully complete this process via the GateHub registration in order for our service to work.

Sending fiat to your bank account

1) Launch Xaman and tap the Euro Trust line.

If you do not have a Euro Trust line configured for the GateHub EUR token, you can create one by following the instructions in this article:

How to create a Trust Line

2) Tap the Add Euro button.

3) Press the Connect GateHub Account button.

4) Sign into your GateHub account.

5) After you sign into your GateHub account, press the Open xApp in Xumm button.

6) You will see the following screen:

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