Activating a Xahau account

How to activate your account on the Xahau Ledger

Having an account on the Xahau network will allow you to participate in the Xahau ecosystem. With an activated account you can, send and receive payments, place buy and sell offers on the Xahau DEX. utilize Hooks (smart contracts), create escrows, and use all of the other features that Xahau provides.

Since everything on Xahau involves having an activated account, this article explains the various way you can activate yours.

The Five ways

An account on Xahau is activated when a minimum of 1 XAH is sent to it. The first XAH coin is locked by the Xahau network and is used to cover the base reserve (wallet reserve) requirement of the Xahau network. It can not be accessed, spent or recovered. You can read more about Xahau reserves and how they work here:

pageUnderstanding Reserves on Xahau

There are five main ways to activate an account on the Xahau network:

  1. Activate an existing XRP Ledger (XRPL) account.

  2. Buy XAH tokens on the XRPL DEX, sending them to your GateHub account and activate your Xahau account from GateHub

  3. Buy XAH coins/tokens on the GateHub platform and activate your Xahau from your account with them

  4. Buy XAH coins on the Bitrue platform and activate your Xahau from your account with them.

  5. Send XAH from another XAH account.

Discussing each method

1) Activating an existing XRP Ledger account

Many people will have an existing XRPL account managed with Xaman (formerly Xumm). If you already have an activated XRPL account managed by Xaman, you can quickly and easily activate it on the Xahau network using the Xahau Import xApp which has been specifically designed for this purpose.

The benefit of using the xApp is that it will automatically copy the settings of your current XRPL account over to the Xahau network and activate the new account with 2 free XAH coins.

That's correct. You will receive 2 free XAH coins by using the Xahau Import xApp.

There are three different XRPL account types that are relevant:

2) Buying XAH tokens on the XRPL DEX While the previous method of activating a Xahau account is by far the most popular, some people choose to manually activate their accounts with XAH purchased on the XRPL DEX.

For more information about XAH tokens on the XRPL, please refer to this article:

pageUnderstanding the XAH token on the XRP Ledger

This method is slightly more complicated since you can not directly activate a Xahau account with XAH tokens. Instead, you need to:

1) Create an account at the GateHub exchange.

2) Send your XAH tokens to your GateHub account:

pageHow to send XAH to GateHub

3) Activate your Xahau account from your GateHub account:

pageHow to send XAH from GateHub

3) Buying XAH tokens/coins on the GateHub platform

The GateHub exchange supports the Xahau network. They have three different account types you can activate a Xahau account from:

  • an XRPL account

  • a hosted XRPL account

  • a Xahau account

You can purchase XAH coins/tokens from any of the three account types then follow the instructions in this article to If you have an XRPL account or hosted XRPL account with

4) Buy XAH coins on the Bitrue platform

5) Via another Xahau account

If you already have XAH in a Xahau account, you can send XAH coins between your accounts to activate them. This applies to your friends, family and co-workers as well. If they have a Xahau account, they can send XAH to your account to activate it. In fact, any Xahau account can be activated from any other Xahau account. They just need to send 1 XAH from it to your account.

This article explains how to do this:

How to send XAH from another Xahau account

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