Xumm v2.3.1

Xumm v2.3.1 - Release notes

This update corrects some of the minor issues reported by customers in Xumm v2.3.0.

Improved and Fixed in v2.3.1

  • Sign requests of the type Sign In now explicitly show Sign In.

  • Cross currency / Partial payments can now also be delivered to a destination account that doesn’t have the Trust Line for the originating currency.

  • Reordering tokens (home screen) on Android was not possible on some slower devices: the sort state would auto-revert

  • Improved TrustSet transactions where the limit at 0 (zero) but flags set showing up as “Remove token”. We now check for Trust Line default state.

  • Some Buttons were not completely visible in the Royal theme

  • Sign In requests no longer turn into Events if minimized: they are either signed or get automatically rejected

  • Fixed a rare crash on iOS upon enabling Biometric authentication

  • The NFTokenAcceptOffer transaction now looks up the offer referenced, and shows details of the NFT offer while accepting the offer in the Sign Request review screen. (XLS-20)

  • Updated the message in the Biometrics settings if the biometric capabilities of your device do not satisfy Xumm’s security requirements.

  • Adding support for ExpandedSignerList amendment.

  • Improved icon alignment for xApps with different amount of app title lines.

For Developers

  • With the Developer Mode enabled, the Developer Mode header covered the Account Switch button on the home screen. This has been fixed.

  • Payloads now return the network the user was connected to at the time of signing for non-submitted payloads (like SignIn requests) as well.

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