Deleting an XRPL account

How to delete an XRP Ledger account from the XRPL.

The instructions..

1) Go to XRPL Services

2) Sign in with Xaman using the account you would like to delete.

3) Select the Account delete option.

4) Enter the r-address where you would like your funds delivered to.

5) Sign the transaction.

Important things to consider

  • If you plan to send your remaining funds to a crypto exchange or to another wallet, please make sure that they support the accountdelete transaction on the XRPL. Quality exchanges such as Gatehub support it but many do not.

  • The XRP Ledger has a 2 XRP fee to delete an account. (In addition to the regular transaction fee.) This means that after you delete your account you should receive about 8 XRP from your 10 XRP base reserve.

  • A new account on the XRP Ledger can not be activated by the accountdelete transaction. If you try to do this, it will be rejected and you will still be charged the 2 XRP fee.

  • Even after you delete your account, you should not throw away your account secret. Someone may send funds to your account in the future and you will need your account secret to access them.

Frequently asked questions

I removed my account from Xaman. Why didn't I get the base reserve?

Removing an account from Xaman... (Settings -> Accounts -> Edit -> Remove from Xaman) not the same as deleting an account from the XRP Ledger.

When an account is removed from Xaman, the account secret (Secret numbers / Family seed / Mnemonic) is deleted from Xaman, but the XRPL account still exists on the XRP Ledger.

To delete an XRPL account, you need to follow the instructions above.

If your XRPL account was removed from Xaman in error, it can be imported back into Xaman using the account secret (Secret numbers / Family Seed / Mnemonic) by following the instructions here: Importing your account into Xumm

I deleted my XRPL account and sent the funds to my exchange account

If you already deleted your account and sent the remaining funds to a crypto exchange or wallet that does not support the accountdelete transaction, you will need to contact your exchange/wallet and explain what happened.

They will need to locate your funds in their system and deliver them to your exchange account.

Unfortunately there is nothing Xaman Support can do to help you recover your funds. Only your exchange is capable of delivering your funds to your account.

I still have NFTs in my account so I can not delete it. What should I do?

You can not own any objects in your XRP Ledger account, including NFTs, if you plan to delete it. This means that you need to either sell your NFTs or delete them. For instructions on how to do this, contact the site where you acquired the NFTs from and they should be able to assist you.

I removed all the NFTs in my account but I still can not delete it. What should I do?

If you ever minted an NFT and it still exists on the XRP Ledger, you will not be able to delete your account until the minted NFT has been burned. (This is a requirement of the the NFT implementation on the XRP Ledger (See the XLS-20 amendment), and as a XRPL requirement, cannot be bypassed) You will need to track down the NFT you minted and make arrangements for it to be deleted. Once you have done that you should be able to delete your XRPL account.

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