All about the Banxa serivce

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What is Banxa?

Banxa is a financial technology platform that provides On/Off ramp solutions for XRP. Banxa is not a bank / authorised deposit taking institution. Crypto Assets are not FDIC-insured products.

What kind of partnership does Banxa have with Xumm?

We have partnered with Banxa (among others) in order to provide On/Off-ramp services to our user around the world.

Where are they located?

Banxa has offices in:

Global Internet Ventures Pty Ltd Level 2, 2/6 Gwynne Street Cremorne, Victoria 3121 Australia

BNXA USA MTL Inc. (NMLS ID: 2347615) 1 East Liberty Street Suite 600, Office 16 Reno NV 89501 United States of America

EU Internet Ventures B.V. Piet Heinkade 95b, 1019GM Amsterdam The Netherlands Au

How do I use their services via Xumm?

How do I contact Banxa if I have questions about their services?

Banxa can be reached via their site at:

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