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Get Cards

All about the Get Cards xApp

Use case

The Get Cards xApp is a utility that allows you to:

How do I find it?

Tap this link:
​Get Cards xApp​
or you can find it by pressing the xApps button at the bottom of the main screen in Xumm.

How do I use it?

1) Launching the Get cards xApp displays the following screen:
Press the Order cards button...
2) Choose the number of Xumm cards you would like to purchase.
Currently we offer quantities of 2, 3,4 or 5 cards. (We do not offer bulk orders.)
If you decide to go with the 5 card option, the team will even sign one for you!
3) You'll also notice there is an option to cover the account reserve for one card. This option allows you to purchase 10 XRP to meet the account reserve requirement of the XRPL.
There is also the option to purchase additional XRP if you like.
Note: There is a 10% premium (round up to the nearest 5) for this service.
5) Choose which country you would like the cards sent to by tapping the down arrow in the Shipping options section, then choose Standard or Express delivery. When done, press the Continue to Payment button.
6) Choose how you would like to pay for your cards and Pro subscription.
If you are not going to purchase additional XRP, paying with Xumm (in XRP) is quick, easy and will save you money. (We recommend this option.)
If you are purchasing additional XRP, you are going to choose to pay with a Credit Card.
Note: A 10% premium applies (rounded to the nearest 5) for paying with a credit card.
7) If you choose to pay with a Credit card, you will receive this screen:
After you fill out the form, press the Next button. 8) Enter your credit card information in the form then press, Process Payment.
9) You are all set! Thank you for your order. We can't do what we do without your support.

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