Trust in the XRPL Community

How to figure out who to trust in community

The XRPL community is made up of a vast network of users, developers, businesses and investors. Even though it has been around for over a decade and it continues to grow and prosper, it is still important to make sure you are vetting the businesses and applications you use. Here are some suggestions and frequently asked questions which should help get you going in the right direction.

How can I trust anyone?

To start, if you own XRP, you already trust the XRP Ledger community. The XRPL is a decentralized blockchain that is run It can be very difficult to actually trust someone in any community. In the case of a developer, you might trust their code or you might trust their intentions, but when it comes to software, there are so many variables and unknown factors. (ie. issues with dependencies or 3rd party libraries.) The same applies to business or tokens issuers. They might have a great business plan and a wonderful marketing strategy but that is no guarantee of success. Take us for example...

Is Xaman Trust Worthy?

Xaman (formerly Xumm) is an application created by XRPL Labs. We are based out the Netherlands and were founded in 2018. Since then, we have grown into a company with 18 employees, have released several versions and updates to Xaman and have been active in the XRPL community. As well we run several nodes and validators to help contribute to public infrastructure of the XRPL. We offer advanced customer service and technical support services for our application and participate in all major XRPL events. We are active on social media platforms like X, run our own blog, and support the developer community. We strive to be transparent in everything we do via Infrastructure Status and via our CEO's X account. We have a proven track record of reliability and honesty that can be easily researched and validated.

Is Xaman safe to use?

It definitely is. Keeping your XRPL/Xaman accounts safe what we do. We actually have an article dedicated to this topic:

What is an xApp?

There are two kinds of xApps in Xaman:

  • Verified - The xApp was either created by the XRPL Labs team or it has been vetted by XRPL Labs.

  • Un-Verified - The xApp was community developer or business that has not been vetted by XRPL Labs.

Are un-verified xApps safe to use?

The process of creating an xApp has been stream lined so making an xApp is easier than ever before, but just because it is easy, does not make it unsafe. We have incorporated several checks and balances into each step to ensure that all xApps meet our high standards of quality and useability. Having said that, we do recommend that you do your own research when it comes to choosing which xApps to use. Things like:

  • Visit the developers website. Does it look professional? Is it up to date?

  • Read the description of the xApp? Is it clear as to what it does? Does it make sense?

  • Is the developer easy to get a hold of? How quickly do they respond to messages?

  • Does the developer offer customer support?

  • Is the developer active in the XRP Ledger community?

Keep in mind, many xApps have the ability to send you transaction requests or payment requests. It is absolutely imparative that you review all transaction before your sign them in Xaman.

Can an xApp access my XRPL / Xahau accounts?

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