Adding an Icon/Logo to a Trust Line in Xaman

How to can a token issuer add a custom Logo/Icon to their Trust Line so it is displayed in Xumm


Trust Lines are a fundamental part of the XRP Ledger in that they allow an account to hold non-XRP assets (tokens) issued on the XRPL.

Each Trust Line has a unique r-address which helps to identify it but it can be confusing for new users and sometimes people mix up the various tokens and issuing accounts.

Here at Xaman *formerly Xumm) we are constantly trying to make things safer and easier for our users so we are excited to introduce Trust Line icons for all token issuers on the XRPL. It is our hope that by adding icons to Trust Lines, it will help our people quickly and accurately identity which projects they are dealing with.

How do I get my icon/logo to show on the Trust Line list in Xaman?

When we talk about the Trust Line icons in Xaman, we are talking about the little logo beside the Trust Line name. Here are some examples:

Xaman fetches all token information (including icons/logos) from the project.

You can find the setup instructions here:

If you need assistance with the instructions, can be reached here:

What exactly are the requirements to get an icon/logo added in Xaman? is an external data feed that Xaman references for token attributes.

Your project must also feature these traits as reflected by the data we retrieve from them.

  • At least โ€œtrust level 1โ€ on

  • Token name

  • Token issuers name

  • Token issuer domain name

  • Have a non-trivial number of incoming Trust Lines for your asset

  • Have a non-trivial amount of asset holders for your asset

Once you have completed all of the above, your icon is eligible to be displayed in Xaman.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes, here are a couple of other things you should be aware of:

  1. Adding a Trust Line icon does not mean that Xaman endorses the asset in question. Xaman will still show users the appropriate warnings when adding Trust Lines.

  2. We do not endorse or support ANY token issued on the XRPL. Xaman is simply displaying your icon information that is publicly available by 3rd party data feeds.

  3. Adding an icon to a Trust Line icon DOES NOT add the asset to the Xaman short list.

  4. We only publish token icons from the XRPL Meta API. Xamam does not sync the information.

How often does Xaman refresh / update the icon information?

Once every 24 hours Xaman will fetch the feeds and update the information in the app based on meeting the above requirements. (We canโ€™t speak for the feed refresh policies for the XRPL Foundation or though.)

For new, valid assets, Xaman users may need to restart Xaman before they can see them.

As well, issuer icons (add Trust Line, remove Trust Line, Sign Request, Event List) have a 24h cache policy on a per device, client side basis, so depending on the user it may show instantly or after 24h.

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