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Xumm v0.5.2

  • The XUMM 0.5.2 update will be available in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store around October 2nd, 2020.*
This (minor) update will contains some improvements and addresses some minor bugs.
Depending on the settings on your phone, you’ll either have to visit the App Store/Play Store and tap the update button, or XUMM will auto-update.
The next release we will add in-app automatic update checks, so you’ll receive a message in the XUMM app when an update is available 🎉
  • Read Only accounts don’t show the (confusing) “Request” button anymore at the home screen
  • Added “keyboard incognito mode” for Android
  • If the ‘Account’ field is specified in a Sign Request, that account is now preselected if present as Read/Write account
  • Allow importing mnemonics from a QR code
  • Add “exchange all funds” button in the “Other assets” (IOU) exchange screen
  • Exchange accounts can not be imported as Read Only account anymore. Added a check for destination tag requirements when importing Read Only accounts, and don’t allow users to import a Read Only account with mandatory (or likely) destination tag requirement, to prevent confusion.
  • iOS FaceID / Fingerprint reader now falls back to OS passphrase/PIN on “Enter Password”
  • Improved QR destination address recognition
  • Updated push notification handling, and when an payload is already open (on screen) after scanning a QR, a notification for the same payload will be hidden
  • Changed “passphrase” to “password” for XUMM account encryption/decryption (to prevent confusion with mnemonics)
  • Sign Requests (by URL) are now picked up from the clipboard when opening the app from background (minimized) state as well
  • When you have an offer on the Decentralized Exchange, when a part of your offer is consumed, XUMM now shows only the affected amounts for the partial fill (instead of the entire consuming offer)
  • On rare occasions the wrong currency exchange (IOU) amount was displayed in the transaction history (right amount was exchanged)
  • Lots of decimal places are now truncated in the Exchange (IOU) screen
  • Fixed app crash on scanning a Coinbase destination QR code
  • Fixed Android app crash on empty asset list