How to Get a Token Added to the Xaman Short List

Getting added to the short list in Xaman

What is the Xaman short list?

The "short list" is the list of tokens that is presented when you press the +Add button on the main screen of Xaman.

This is what the short list looks like:

How do I get a token on the Xaman short list

We will not be adding projects to the Xaman short list until the XRPL Foundation releases their token vetting program. When the XRPLF's vetting program does become available, tokens wishing to be added to the short list in Xaman will be required to complete a two part process:

  1. The issuer must complete the Self Assessment portion of the XRP Ledger Foundation's Token Assessment Framework.

  2. The issuer must complete and pass a validation, verification and compliance vetting process via the XRPLF's third party auditor.

Once both of these have been successfully completed, your token will automatically be brought to our attention as a candidate for inclusion into Xaman.

How to learn more about the XRP Ledger Foundation and their Token Assessment Framework

Details about the XRPL Foundation assessment process can be found here:

As well, you can stay up to date on events involving the XRPL Foundation on Twitter here:

More questions?

Make sure that you visit the XRPL Foundation assessment site and thoroughly review it first. It should able to answer most of your questions.

If you can't find your answer there, the best way to contact the XRPLF is via email at:

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