How to recover a Casinocoin (CSC) account

Recovering an XRPL account created during the CasinoCoin swap

If you have your s... Secret

If you have access to your old CasinoCoin wallet secret in the form of a code that starts with a lower case s, you can import your CasinoCoin wallet secret with this link (scan the QR with Xumm).

My account was created during the Casino Coin swap. How do I access it?

The CasinoCoin team has documented a process to access accounts created during the CSC swap. You can find the instructions here:

How to recover a CasinoCoin account

Frequently asked questions

What if I run into trouble during the recovery process?

If you run into any trouble with the recovery process, you can contact the CasinoCoin support staff here: CasinoCoin Support

Or via email here:

Is there a video explaining how to convert my CasinoCoin mnemonic into a family seed?

CasinoCoin has not released an official video, but one of the XRPL community members created this video which many people find helpful:

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