xApp Publishing

Guidelines and Review Process


In January 2022, we opened the xApp development process up to the XRP community.

Anyone who would like to create their own xApp is now able to do so, but the created xApps will be 'sandboxed' ie. they can only be accessed by the developer.

This article is designed to assist you with this process and outline the steps required to get your completed xApp published in Xumm, so other users can open & use your xApp.


  1. Review the guidelines to estimate your chance for success before coding or submitting your xApp for review.

  2. Review initial questions that will be asked to determine if you can continue to finish the xApp before submitting the xApp for a final review.

  3. Submit your code with a detailed explanation as to what your xApp does.

  4. Our development team will;

    1. review your code

    2. test your xApp

    3. if approved, the xApp will be made available through a direct, public URL available to all Xumm users.

#### Note::Please Note

This does not imply that your app will be listed in the Xumm "more xApps" section.

Requirements for an xApp

  • xApps need to:

    • add value to a significant share of the Xumm user base

    • have clear instructions for end users

    • be designed in a way that protects users from dangerous mistakes

    • say what it does and do what it says

    • have publicly available source code

    • Keep it updated

  • xApp developers need to:

    • have gone through the KYC process

    • provide both customer and technical support for their xApp

    • have an easy and clear way to be contacted

XRPL Labs reserves the right to:

  • revoke any xApp from the Xumm platform without prior notice if it is deemed necessary to protect our users

Reasons for doing so may include (but not limited to):

  • potential harm for users

  • lack of customer support

  • lack of updates

  • promotes speculation (e.g. pushing users towards buying tokens is not allowed)

  • involvement in any criminal activity or behavior detrimental to the XRP community

  • Licensing issues/infringements

Initial Review

Make sure you review each question and thoroughly understand the purpose of your xApp.

  1. What use case will the app have?

  2. Who are you targeting with your xApp?

  3. Is it using your own or someone elseโ€™s issued currency?

    1. If so, which one(s)?

  4. Are you planning to make a profit from this xApp?

    1. If so, in what way will this xApp support you or your company?

  5. Is this xApp released on a personal title?

    1. If so, please provide us with your personal details.

  6. Is this xApp released on a company title?

    1. If so, please provide us with details of the company.

  7. Have you gone through the KYC process?

    1. Did you go through the XUMM wallet verification?

    2. If so, please share your information including your XRP address and the XRP addresses related to the xApp.

  8. Do you understand and agree that we can revoke the access to your xApp at any time, even if the xApp successfully makes it through the review process?

  9. Can you provide a (working) title and description of your xApp?

Review Process

If you have have made it this far and are ready to submit your xApp for review, please ensure you have considered the following:

  1. Have you thoroughly tested the xApp for obvious bugs?

  2. Is the UI easy to use and intuitive?

  3. Is it self explanatory and with instructions, including expectation management?

  4. Does is have in app support? ie. A direct link to your own designated support channel?

  5. Does it respect dark/light mode and alternative styling in Xumm?

  6. Are font types consistent?

  7. If applicable, does scrolling work as expected? (Prevent page scrolling/zooming if applicable.)

  8. Does this xApp use a backend?

    1. How secure is the back end?

    2. How will it be hosted and where?

  9. Could this xApp result in dangerous transactions?

  10. How long has this been tested and with how many users?

  11. Is it clear to users that you are not in anyway affiliated with XRPL Labs or Xumm?

  12. Have you made sure you are reachable via social media for support?

  13. You are known, transparent and not anonymous.

  14. Have you provided a public GitHub link to your xApp, your backend if applicable, an app icon, title and description?

Once the app passes the review process...

  • Your xApp will get an assigned public URL that you can share with your users.

  • All future modifications/updates to your xApp will trigger the review process again.

  • All xApps get reviewed after each release of Xumm.

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