How to send XAH coins to GateHub - Hosted account

How to send XAH coins to a GateHub hosted account


This article explains how to send Xahau coins to a Hosted GateHub account.

It assumes you have already have XAH coins in your Xahau account managed by Xaman.


1) From the main screen of Xaman, tap the Send button.

2) Enter the amount XAH coins you would like to send to your GateHub Hosted account, then press the Next button. (In this case, we are sending 10 XAH.)

3) On your desktop computer, sign into your GateHub Hosted account and press the + Add Funds button...

then choose XAH (Xahau)

It should display a screen that looks like this:

4) On your phone, press this QR Code scan button:

then scan the GateHub QR Code for your GateHub Hosted account on your computer. (See Step 3)

This screen should be displayed:

Press the Next button to continue.

5) You should see a Summary screen detailing the transaction:

Sign the transaction (Slide to send) .

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