Moving your XRPL account to another wallet

How to convert the Secret numbers into a Family seed

Not all crypto wallets support the XRP Ledger or the secret numbers generated by Xumm.

Before you proceed, please ensure that your wallet supports the XRP Ledger, along with the Family Seed standard. As long as it does, the following tool will convert your secret numbers into the Family Seed format:

Download a tool to convert Secret Numbers to Family Seed

Risks associated with importing account secrets

Whenever you import an account secret (secret numbers/family seed/mnemonic) into a wallet, website or mobile device, there is a risk of exposing your account secret to third parties.

We strongly recommend you consider reviewing this article so you better understand the risks associated with this process:

Should I import my XRPL account in Xumm?

Additional information

Secret Numbers are a proposed standard, and the source code to generate, read & convert them is open source & publicly available.

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