How to send XAH from Bitrue

Activating an account from Bitrue


This article provides instructions on how to send XAH coins to your Xahau account managed by Xaman.

1) Go to the Bitrue website, sign into your Bitrue account and choose the Assets menu then Spot.

2) Locate your XAH coins in the list and press the Withdraw link.

3) In the Network field, press the down arrow and select XAH Xahau.

In the XAH Withdraw Address field enter your account r-address from Xahau.

Check the No Tag option. (if available)

In the Amount field, enter the amount you would like to send.

In the PIN code field, enter your PIN (if available)

Press the the Withdraw XAH button.

4) If applicable, enter your Email verification code and your Google Authenticator code then press the Confirm button.

5) Review your transaction and press the Confirm button.

Note: Processing times can vary depending on how fast Bitrue processes your request on their system.

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