How to create a Trust Line (Xahau)

How to create a Trust Line on the Xahau network

There are two easy ways to create Trust line using Xaman.

1) Selecting one of the pre-vetted tokens from our short list

2) Visiting Xahau.Services and sign a 'trustset' transaction using Xaman

What is the Xaman short list?

The "short list" is the list of tokens that is presented when you press the +Add button on the main screen of Xaman.

Xaman will display a screen that looks like this:

From here you can simply select an issuer, for example, Gatehub, then choose which Token you would like to create a Trust line for, in this case, we'll choose Euro, then press Sign to add Token.

Xaman will craft a transaction with the details of the Trust line and after you have reviewed them, you can Slide to accept.

You should see a warning message cautioning you about the potential dangers. Make sure you read the message, then press Continue.

Finally, either enter your passcode/signing password/biometrics to sign the transaction and the Trust line will be created.

What is Xahau.Services?

Xahau.Services is a website which allows you to interact with the Xahau network in various ways and to easily create transactions that you can sign with Xaman.

In this case, you can use it to create a Trust line.

Quick instructions

1) Click on this link: Xahau Services

2) In the "Search" field, do a search for the token you wish to set a Trust line to.

3) When the desired token is displayed, press the Set Trustline link beside the token.

4) Press the Confirm button.

5) Scan the QR with Xaman.

6) Review the transaction to make sure it is correct.

7) Slide to sign.

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