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Updating to Xumm v2.4

New features, updates and more..

Welcome to the latest version!

If you are interested in learning about some of the main changes and features of Xumm v2.4, you're at the right place!
This version includes many different upgrades, new features, tweaks and improvements and while many of them are "behind the scene" improvements, there are some things you will notice and appreciate right away, so let's get started...

Get the value of your XRP on the main screen

When our customers speak, we listen, so when you asked for Xumm to display the fiat value of your XRP on the main page, we added it. Just touch the balance of your XRP and voila, the cash equivalent.

Improved NFT handling

Would you like to see a list of all the NFTs that you own? Would you like to view themin Xumm? How about the ability to view your buy and sell NFT orders? Well, now you can. Simply press the Tokens button..
Then choose NFT...
If you are interested in learning more about how Xumm interacts with NFTs, check out this article:

Improved security

We've improved our encryption algorithms in this version of Xumm! If you would like to upgrade the encryption on your accounts, simply press the Settings button then choose Accounts and press the Update encryption button.
For more information on this, check out his article:

More control over Third party apps

This version includes the ability to revoke access from third party sites and xApps.
In Xumm, press Settings then Third party apps to get a list of apps / sites from which you can revoke access.
This was just a quick overview of a couple of the new features in this release but there are more if you are interested. Check out our release notes for more details: