How to trade XAH coins

How to trade Xahau (XAH) tokens / coins


On November 1, 2023 a new blockchain was launched called Xahau.

Xahau is an XRP Ledger protocol based network, introducing several new features, such as Hooks, not found on the XRPL mainnet.

One of the things introduced in Xahau is a new native coin with the trading symbol of XAH. The primary purpose of the XAH coin is to offset the higher fees encountered from Hook/Smart Contract transactions and pay transaction costs on the Xahau network.

Understanding the difference between XAH coins and XAH tokens

The XAH coin is the native currency on the Xahau network. It exists on the Xahau network and can be used to pay transaction costs on the Xahau network.

A XAH token is an issued currency on another network. (In this case, the XRP Ledger.) It exists on a different network than Xahau. A XAH token can not be used to pay transaction costs on Xahau and can not be directly moved to the Xahau network.

For a more in-depth discussion about XAH tokens and how they work, check out this article:

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How to trade XAH coins

There is currently no way to purchase XAH coins using Xaman.

In order to trade XAH coins, you need to open an account with the following crypto exchanges:



In both cases, once you have created an account with them, you will be able to send fiat money to your account with them, then exchange it for XAH coins. Once you have done that, you can refer to the following articles to send your XAH coins to your Xahau account managed by Xaman.

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How to trade XAH tokens on the DEX

There is currently one way to purchase XAH tokens using Xaman:

  • Via the XRP Ledger Digital EXchange. (DEX)

The XRPL DEX is basically a large market place where people can buy and sell different assets. You can place buy and sell orders on the DEX for XAH tokens using various websites, utilities or wallets, but Xaman has a built in feature which automates the process for you.

Here's how:

1) Create a Trust line for the XAH token.

You can do this but pressing the +Add button on the main screen of Xaman:

then choose the XAH (Xahau) token and press the Sign to add token button.

2) Tap the XAH (Xahau) GateHub XAH Trust line on the main screen of Xaman, then press the Exchange button.

3) Enter the amount of XRP you would like to exchange for XAH tokens then press the Exchange button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any other way I can acquire Xahau tokens?

Yes. GateHub sells both XAH tokens and XAH coins. Once you create an account with GateHub you should have the option of purchasing both.

Can I move my XAH tokens on the XRP Ledger to my Xahau account on the Xahau network?

Yes. We have an xApp called XAH Teleport that allows you to convert XAH tokens on the XRPL into XAH coins on the Xahau network.

You can read all about it here:

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