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How to purchase Evernode tokens

How to buy Evernode tokens (Evr)


There are currently two ways to purchase Evr tokens:
  • via the Bitrue crypto exchange
  • via the Xahau DEX


Bitrue is currently the only exchange which supports Evernode tokens.

Xahau DEX

We are currently working on a Xahau DEX Trade xApp which will allow you to trade on the Xahau DEX. When it is ready, we will make an official announcement here:

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two different Evernode tokens on the XRP Ledger? Are they legit? Issuing Address Token Currency Code

rKnorR44ZwN8rWUhbzkZm73jCiXuqKjWsr Evr
rEVERsbyTnqKTWpH4AQ8wG13sGcCWNQT2L Evernode
As far as we understand, these tokens are not authorized or endorsed by Evernode.
For more information about this, please contact Evernode directly at: