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Taxes and your XRPL account

Exporting your XRP Ledger account for tax purposes


Xumm is an self-custodial wallet which allows you to interact with the XRP Ledger. Depending on where you live, some of these interactions can incur tax obligations.
It is your responsibility to investigate and settle these tax obligations with your local government.

How do I get a list of taxable transactions so I can file my taxes?

Here are two ways you can export your XRP Ledger account transactions into .CSV format.
1) Use the Transaction Exporter xApp in Xumm.
Open Xumm xApp: Transaction Exporter
Transaction Exporter Link
2) Try the Gatehub utility.
Click on this link: https://gatehub.net/explorer then enter your r-address, select the Transactions option, then Export CSV.
Export CSV

What if my tax software does not support .CSV files?

Try reach out to your tax software provider and explain the issue you are encountering. Some companies offer alternative import options or manual mapping. If they can not offer a solution, consider switching to a tax software that supports the XRP Ledger.

Which tax software do you recommend?

Unfortunately, we do not recommend any specific tax software. There are too many companies and applications related to tax preparation for us to stay current with them all.

Last resort

Your transaction history is available to view on the XRP Ledger. You can always check your account via a blockchain explorer such as Bithomp or XRPscan and manually transcribe your transactions.