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Got a new phone?

Here is how to setup Xumm on your new device.

Three things to get you started...

Congratulations! Getting a new phone can be exciting, but before you get started migrating everything over from your old phone, here are a couple of suggestions to make the process a little smoother...
  • Do not get rid of your old phone until your new phone has been properly setup and is working as expected.
  • Ensure that you have the account secret (Secret numbers / Family seed / Mnemonic) for your XRP Ledger account.
  • If you are unsure how to proceed or need clarification on any of the steps in this article, contact us via the Xumm Support xApp.

Configuring Xumm on your new phone

The first thing you need to know about getting Xumm working on your new device is that you can not restore or copy Xumm from one device to another. Xumm needs to be installed fresh on your new phone otherwise you will see this when you launch the app:
Wipe Xumm
If you are already at this error screen, uninstall Xumm then continue reading...
To install Xumm on your new phone, you can download it from 1 of 2 places:
Just select one of the above links and press the Install button to begin the download.
Although the installation of Xumm is quite straight-forward and user-friendly , you can always refer to our step by step instructions...
When you get to the end of the installation, you will be presented with this screen:
Simply press the + Add account button then choose Import an existing account.
Next you can choose the appropriate account secret for your XRP Ledger account then enter it into Xumm to complete the process.
If you need assistance on how to do this, select one of these three articles for instructions:

Frequently asked questions

Why did you ask me to keep my old phone?

We have seen cases where people have forgotten their account secret or recorded their account secret incorrectly. Your old phone should still be able to access your XRP Ledger account(s) in case you run into any trouble configuring your new phone. Once you are able to access and sign transactions on your new device, you can uninstall Xumm from your old device.

Why can't I restore Xumm from backup?

If Xumm were to store sensitive data, (like your account secrets) in a Google / Apple iCloud backup, an attacker gaining access to your Google / Apple account(s) would be able to restore a backup of your device to their own device, resulting in the loss of your cryptocurrency funds.
This is why it's really important to keep your account secret stored offline, in a secure place.

What about my Xumm Tangem card accounts?

If you have Xumm Tangem cards, you will need to re-import them into Xumm on your new phone.
If you need assist doing this, check out this article:

My account was created during the Casino Coin swap. How do I access it?

If you have access to your old CasinoCoin wallet secret in the form of a code that starts with a lower case s, you can import your CasinoCoin wallet secret with this link (scan the QR with Xumm).
If you do not have your CasinoCoin secret mentioned above, the CasinoCoin team has documented a process to access accounts created during the CSC swap. You can find the instructions here:
If you run into any trouble with the recovery process, please contact the CasinoCoin support staff here: CasinoCoin Support​