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Cashing out with Gatehub

Converting your tokens into fiat

Expanding our partnership with Gatehub

For years, Gatehub has been a strong member of the XRP Ledger community and has worked with us (and many others) to help expand the ecosystem and make it a great place to do business. Recently we have added a feature to make off-ramping crypto a truly quick and easy process by integrating their platform directly through Xumm. This integration makes both on and off-ramping simple and efficient via the Gatehub site.

Gatehub's issued stable coins

GateHub is a payment gateway platform that allows you to buy, sell, trade and store digital currency. They have also issued over a dozen different tokens on the XRPL, including USDT, USDC, GALA, Flare, SGB, EUR, USD, GBP and several others. All of their issued currencies will be honored by them as the actual asset they represent.
To get started, you need to acquire the tokens in the currency you desire.
For example, let's say that you have 10 XRP and you could like to convert them into Euros. You would exchange your XRP for Gatehub issued EUR on the XRPL DEX. (There are various ways to do this, the DEX Trade xApp is one of the easiest.

Stream lining the "cash out" process

You many have noticed a new integration we added to Xumm recently.
It is true, we have expanded our partnership with Gatehub to make off boarding your crypto a quick, easy and seamless process. The article walks you through the steps for doing this and explains how this works.

Gatehub's issued currencies


Is this a new feature?

Gatehub has always offered the ability to convert XRP (and their issued tokens) into fiat (EUR and USD), but now this service has been easily integrated directly into Xumm.

How does it work?

Gatehub has issued several tokens on the XRP Ledger. If you were to purchase any of these tokens,