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Installing Xumm

How to install Xumm on your mobile device


If you are reading this, you’ve decided to install Xumm on your mobile device. Congratulations! You are about to start your journey into the XRP Ledger ecosystem and Xumm will be your guide. Welcome aboard!

Getting started…

Installing Xumm is a simple and straightforward process. From start to finish it should take you about 10 minutes to complete.. but don’t rush through it! You are going to need to write down some very important information so take your time, grab a pen and some paper and get comfortable. Together we going to go through this...
Xumm can only be download from 1 of 2 places:
Just select one of the above links and press the Install button begin the download.
Xumm is only compatible with:
⦁ Android 7 and up
⦁ iOS v13 and up
If you have an older device that does not support one of these versions, you will not be able to download and install Xumm
Once the download has completed, press the Open button to begin the Xumm installation process and you should be presented with this screen:
Press the Start button to begin.
Press Go to get to the passcode setup page.
Here is where you enter the 6 digit passcode which you can use to unlock and access Xumm once the installation has completed. When done, press Next then re-enter your new passcode and press the Save button.
Try to avoid using a simple passcode such as 123456, 000000, 111111, 222222, etc. since these could be easily guessed.
You will see the Biometric Authentication screen next. Here you can choose Yes if you would like to be given the option to sign into Xumm using biometrics and/or sign transactions using biometrics. If you are unsure about this, you can always enable this feature later.
On this screen, you get the option to enable push notifications on your phone. If you are unsure about this, you can always enable the feature later.
The ensuing 9 screens display import information about how Xumm and the XRP Ledger work, our Terms of Service and the current release notes. You will need to acknowledge that you have read through each page to continue.
Next, press the + Add account button.
Here is where you can decide which account you would like to manage with Xumm.