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How to import your existing XRP Ledger account with a Mnemonic
XRPL accounts that are created using Xumm provide a set of Secret Numbers which allow you to access them.
Since your XRPL account was created using another wallet / platform, you might want to consider creating a new account using Xumm and leave your mnemonic account off-line. If you are interested in learning why, check out this article:
If you decide to proceed, launch Xumm then press the
button then press
You should see this screen:
Press the Import an existing account button. You will see:
You can import an XRP Ledger account in either of these two modes:
Full access - Choose this option if you would like to be able to interact with your XRPL account. ie. if you would like to create a Trust Line or send XRP to another account.
Read only access - Choose this option if you would like to simply follow the activity of an XRPL account. This option does not allow you to sign transactions on your account.
If you decide to import your account in Read only access mode, stop, and refer to this article:
Otherwise, choose Full access and press the Next button. You should see this screen:
Xumm is compatible with all industry standard account secrets. In this case we will choose the Mnemonic the press Next.
Press Next, I understand
Here is where you can enter your 12, 16, or 24 words. When done, press the Next button.
Please ensure that r-address that is displayed is the one that you intend to import. If it is not correct, please press the
button, then double check and re-enter your Mnemonic words. When the correct r-address is displayed, press the Confirm button.
You should see the following screen:
The following table should help you decide which option is best for you.
Standard security is a great option your daily spending account. You can sign with your 6 digit passcode or enable biometrics and sign with your face/finger print.
Extra security allows you to enter a separate signing password. This is the best option for your long term storage account.
Once you decide, select it and press Next then enter the account label and press Next to complete the import process.