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...a Xumm card

How to add a Xumm card

Before you begin...

If you are reading this article, you have probably just received your new Xumm Cards and are eager to get them setup and configured properly.
Most people will want to configure one of the cards as a "backup" card. This is an excellent idea because it ensures that if something were to happen to one of the cards, the other card could be used to access the assets in the account.
In order to configure a backup card, you must import two cards into Xumm.
That means that you will need to go through the following steps twice, once for each card.
If you decide to not import two cards into Xumm, you will not be able to run the Tangem Backup xApp or configure a backup card.

Importing a the cards and generating new XRP Ledger accounts

From the main screen of Xumm, press the
button then press
You should see this screen:
Choose Add Tangem card then hold one of the cards up to the NFC reader on your phone.
You should see this message:
Tap Generate account then hold the card against the NFC reader on your phone again.
Xumm will ask you test the card. Press the Verify button.
After you have scanned the card, Xumm will display the r-address that the card belongs to. Press the Confirm button.
Enter the account label for the card then press the Next button.
You have successfully imported one of your Xumm Cards into Xumm!🥳
If you are planning to configure a backup card, you are going to need to repeat all of the steps above with a second card. If you do not import a second card, you will not be able to configure a backup card.

Activating your accounts

If your plan is to configure a backup card, only one of the cards will need to be activated. The second card does not need to be activated with 10 XRP.
This article should help clarify this.