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Cashing out your XRP

How can I convert my XRP into fiat?
If you are interested in converting some of your XRP into fiat, you have severa options

Option 1

If you are in the Netherlands or the United Kingdom. we offer an On/Off-Ramp service to our Xumm Pro users. You can buy and sell XRP from our On/Off-Ramp xApp and send funds back and forth between Xumm and your bank account. For most people, this fast, convenient and secure service will more than meet their needs so if you are interested in learning more about how it works, check out this article:
Please note: You can only off-ramp XRP that you purchased through our service. We do not allow off-ramping of XRP acquired by another means.

Option 2

If you are not located in the Netherlands or the UK, we have partnered with two crypto exchanges which should be able to meet your needs.
​Banxa xApp​
All About Banxa
​BTCDirect xApp​
All About BTCDirect
Combined, both Banxa and BTCDirect offer exchange services to most countries in the world. You can find both of them by clicking on the above links or in Xumm by pressing the
then selecting the Buy/Sell XRP xApp.
We plan to partner will other exchanges in the future to expand and improve our coverage along with extending our our services.

Option 3

There are several exchanges in the blockchain space where you can convert XRP into fiat. Some of the bigger players include:
Please make sure that you thoroughly research the crypto exchange that you decide to go with. Each exchange has their own rules and fee structures that you should fully understand before signing up. As well, just because we provided a list of exchanges, it does not mean that we support or endorse any of them in any way. It is entirely up to you to decide which crypto exchange you use.

Frequently asked questions

What about other XRP Ledger tokens? How to I cash them out?

Some crypto exchanges support multiple XRP Ledger tokens along with XRP. This should be one of the things that you research before you create an account with them. If you find that your current exchange does not support your desired XRP Ledger token, contact them directly and see if they have any plans to do so in the future.
If you are located in the Netherlands or the United Kingdom and have signed up for the On/Off-Ramp service through Xumm Pro, then yes, you can link your XRPL account managed by Xumm to your bank account. For everyone else, Xumm does not have the option to do this.
If your bank is interested in adding this feature, we would be happy to discuss it with them. Have them contact us!
We understand that you might have additional questions regarding this topic so you are welcome to contact us any time via the Xumm Support xApp in Xumm or you can simply scan this QR code with Xumm and be directed there automatically.