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About Trust Lines

What are Trust lines?
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One of the great features on the XRP Ledger is the ability to create
simply, Trust Lines are structures in the XRP Ledger designed to allow you to hold tokens.
In XRPL, trust lines are established to enable the issuance and transfer of assets. A trust set transaction lets you define which assets you trust and how much of them you’re willing to accept. This is crucial for using XRPL to handle various cryptocurrencies and tokens.
All assets other than XRP can be represented in the XRP Ledger as tokens. Standard tokens are tracked in relationships called trust lines between accounts. Any account can issue tokens to other recipients who are willing to hold them, but you cannot unilaterally give tokens away to users who don't want them. Tokens can represent any type of value, including "stablecoins" backed by assets that exist outside of the ledger, purely digital tokens created specifically on the XRP Ledger, community credit, and more.
The XRPL lets anyone create new assets on the XRP Ledger easily. These are called issued currencies and they can act as representations of assets on other blockchains (like GateHub UAB ETH), representations of assets from legacy systems (like GateHub EUR and GateHub USD), commodities (like BPG XAU), tokens (like Casinocoin CSC) and various others.