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How to send XRP from Wirex to Xumm (deposit)
Sending XRP from Wirex to XUMM (deposit)To move all or some of your XRP from Wirex (custody) to your own XRP Ledger account managed with XUMM (non custodial), you can follow the steps below. At the end of this article you can watch a Youtube clip of the entire process.Start in XUMM. Tap the “Share” icon displayed on the right of your Account Name on the upper right corner of the home screen:
A dialog with your account QR code and buttons will pop up. Tap the “Copy address” button:
Now switch to the Wirex app. Select your XRP balance and tap the Payments icon in the lower button bar:
Tap the Pay by crypto or bank transfer option:
Paste your copied XRP Ledger account address, and tap next. You can leave your destination tag empty as your XRP Ledger account managed with XUMM is non custodial, and non custodial accounts don’t need a destination tag.
The Wirex app will warn you about entering a “unique memo” or destination tag. You can ignore this warning, as this doesn’t apply to your own non custodial XRP Ledger accounts managed with XUMM. Simply press Continue:
Enter the amount of XRP to send from Wirex to your XRP Ledger account managed with XUMM. Please note that, if your XRP Ledger account isn’t active yet, the minimum deposit amount as required by the XRP Ledger is 10 XRP. If your account is already active (as an existing XRP balance) you can deposit any amount of XRP you like. Tap Pay and confirm with a confirmation code sent to you by Wirex using a text message.After confirming your payment (XRP withdrawal) from your Wirex account, you may not get a clear confirmation from their app. To check if everything went fine on the Wirex side, go back to the Dashboard using the button on the left (lower button bar):
Your transaction should be visible in the “Recent Activity” feed:
Now switch back to XUMM, and open the “Event” list. There may be a slight delay as your transaction will only be applied on the XRP Ledger (and visible in XUMM) after Wirex processed your transaction
After a couple of seconds to minutes your transaction should show up in XUMM, in the Event list (and your account balance on the Home view will reflect this) If your funds don’t arrive, they haven’t been sent (yet) by Wirex. Please read this FAQ article, wait a bit more, check back, and if your funds still didn’t arrive, contact Wirex support.