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All about the Poko service
Poko is a service aggregator. They do not offer on/off-ramp services directly, instead, they have partnered with several on-ramp providers and provide you with the option to choose which one you would like to purchase XRP from.
Some of their partners include:
  • Transak
  • Chainverse
  • Fiahub
  • LocalRamp
  • Loopipay
  • Moonpay
  • Onmeta
  • Onramp Money
  • Payfura
  • Sardine

Customer Service

Since Poko simply facilitates transactions between you and their partners, they do not offer customer support or answer questions related to their service. If you have any questions about a particular transaction, you will need to contact the appropriate partner for assistance.
To find a list of Poko's partner contacts, launch the Poko xApp then tap the
Next press the
then select the appropriate partner.